Toyota Camry Timing Belt Problem

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry V6 with 210,000 miles. I recently changed the timing belt, drive belts, water pump, transmission filter and fluids, and tuneup with new plugs and air filter.

I had no problem before the maintenance. A week later a check engine light came on and stayed on. I took it back to the mechanic who did the tuneup. He put it on the scanner.

From 0-1200 rpm no problems and above 1800 rpm there are no problems. Between 1200 and 1800 rpm it shows a problem with 1-3-5 cylinders.

My mechanic put another new set of plugs and now a new set of spark plug wires.

The engine doesn’t seem to be running rough, but the check engine light won’t go off. Any thoughts?

Wayne: All I did was tell my son timing belt changed and check engine light on for 1-3-5 cylinders and he said the timing belt is off one tooth on the right bank. Take it back to your mechanic and get him to reset the timing belt. The check engine light won’t go off until you do and you are loosing some performance in the mean time. Good luck.

Tire wear!

If you are having trouble with your tires wearing uneven then you either have worn suspension or steering parts or the front end or rear end is out of align. An easy way to detect this is to look at your tires. If the tread on the tires looks scrubbed or feathered  or just plain showing less tread on the inside or outside of your tires then you need work. The amount of work dollar wise can be vary greatly.I suggest taking it to a shop that can do any work required and also do the alignment. An unfortunate part of the auto repair industry is that too many people know too little about cars and a lot of auto mechanics use that to their advantage. I have heard the most outragious explanations for a car needing repairs. The only way around this is to find an honost shop or ask someone who knows something about cars. This web sight can help with knowing about cars.