Tire wear!

If you are having trouble with your tires wearing uneven then you either have worn suspension or steering parts or the front end or rear end is out of align. An easy way to detect this is to look at your tires. If the tread on the tires looks scrubbed or feathered  or just plain …

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Door Hinges

I know you have heard that groan or creak when opening a car door, especially in the winter time. Usually the best thing to do if to get a good spray lubracant and hose it down (I’ve found that P B Blaster is about the best). But! If you get caught without it like I …

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Maintaining your vehicle

These regular checks should be done on your vehicle to make sure you don’t have problems:   Oil Change – This should be done every 3,000 miles.  Also, be sure to check your oil level once a week.  A good habit is to check it every time you stop to fill up on gas.

Introducing TheOnlineMechanic.com

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of TheOnlineMechanic.com, an informational web site dedicated to helping car owners learn how to keep their cars running as they should.  TheOnlineMechanic.com is maintained and directed by Steve, an experienced auto mechanic whose advice on maintaining and repairing your car can save you time and money keeping your transportation investment on …

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