Starter Motorizing

I have a 1992 Chev. k1500 silverado. Frequently when I go to start it up the starter just spins a time or two before finally catching. I had the starter tested & it checked out ok @ the parts store. What should I check next?

Sounds like the bendix drive is not kicking in.  You can change just the bendix dtive or it is easier to just replace the starter. The temperature has a lot to do with it not engaging and that is probably why it worked ok at the parts store.

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  1. can i put a 2.2 turbo engine from a mazda 626 to a ford probe GL 2.2 NON TURBO

    I believe the motors are the same but the turbo will not work.  You would have to use the non-turbo set up to make it work in the probe

  2. my starter was doing that on my 96 dodge neon replaced it with a brand new one now when i go to start it all it does is make a clicking sound and wont start some one tell me why

    Check to see if the electrical cable from the battery is making good contact at the starter.  If it is I have run into faulty rebuilt starters.  You need to take it back to the shop you bought it from and have them test it.

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